We are the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives. AMEC is a statewide organization headquartered in Jefferson City representing Missouri's 47 electric co-ops.

Founded in 1937, our mission is to provide a means for electric cooperatives to work together and accomplish things collectively that they could not do as effectively or efficiently on their own. The Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives is truly a grassroots organization. Everything we do here at AMEC begins as a request from a local system. That request is driven by a need from the member at the end of the line. Your statewide exists to do only those things your system does not have the time, power or money to do on its own. By working together, we have been able to keep the rural electric program strong and influential in Missouri.

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Missouri’s electric cooperatives get their power from Associated Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AECI), which generates power at six different transmission cooperatives in Missouri, Iowa, and Oklahoma. AECI is wholly owned by its members, your local electric cooperative, which in turn, is owned by you, the paying member owner at the end of the line.

AECI relies on a diverse array of power sources which includes wind energy from six different wind farms, one hydroelectric peaking power plant, three combined-cycle gas-based power plants, Read More...

In Your Community

Missouri’s electric cooperatives have a large presence at the Show-Me State’s most treasured traditions, the Missouri State Fair. Cooperative employees from across the state will be on hand inside the Missouri’s Electric Cooperatives Building through the duration of the fair, staffing informative exhibits and displays. 

Annually AMEC sponsors a “Missouri Electric Cooperative Day” at the fair, allowing visitors to the Missouri Electric Cooperatives Building to receive discounts to events at the fair. Your cooperatives go to great lengths to promote energy efficiency and save you money. Read More...